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Two Men Charged For Public Distrubance, Resisting Arrest

Two men were charged today for resisting arrest and causing a public disturbance. 21 year-old Aubrey Hunch and 29-year-old Tramain McKenzie were separately charged for the two offences.

Hunch originally denied that he assaulted City Police Shawn Persaud with intent to resist arrest on April 12, 2018 at Brickdam but later changed his plea to guilty.

McKenzie however, admitted to obstructing the said officer from executing his duties.

According to The prosecution Persaud observed Hunch and another having a confrontation. As such, the officer attempted to break up the fight when he was verbally assaulted by Hunch. He then pushed away when Persaud attempted to handcuff him. While Persaud was arresting Hunch, McKenzie attempted to stop him from initiating the arrest. Both were later arrested and charged. Magistrate McLennan gave Hunch 6 months of community service for the offence or a default of 3 months imprisonment with strict warning for him to be on good behaviour. McKenzie was fined $5000 or he will face three weeks jail time.

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