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URP Calls For Modernized Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is a major sector of Guyana’s economy. According to the World Bank, agricultural exports make up at least 15.4% of Guyana’s GDP. As such, the sector employs thousands of Guyanese across multiple regions. However, despite the size of the industry, the UNITED REPUBLICAN PARTY contends that the nation’s agricultural output is hampered by a lack of investment and mismanagement. So says, their PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE DR. VISHNU BANDHU. According to Dr Bandhu, the URP believes that an investment in bringing down the cost of production and the implementation of modern agriculture and agro-processing techniques will greatly increase the industries output.

In addition to increasing the amount of value-added products on the market, the URP believes that the manner in which the government manages the sector also needs to change.

It is the URPs belief that an efficient and modern agricultural sector can buffer the nation’s economy in the face of changing oil prices.

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