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However, crimes do occur, and it is necessary to provide you with the following policies, recommendations, and information regarding your personal safety and the security of your possessions while you are on our campus. First Response Team Members are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Steps that can be taken to help reduce crime include:. ID cards are issued to all members of the Alice Lloyd College community who are identified as either resident or commuter classification, full or part-time status. These Woman looking hot sex Lloyd Kentucky are issued an appropriate identification card at registration.

Resident students will be asked at any time to present IDs for meals and event attendance. Refusal or failure to produce your ID card may result in referral to the Dean of Students. Alice Lloyd College does not permit the use of or the possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on campus. Improper use of any drug s will not be tolerated. Violators will be disciplined. If the College determines that a student violates this policy, that student will be referred to the appropriate campus official and all disciplinary action administered as outlined in your student handbook.

NO student or employee is to bring any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs to the campus. Possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be referred to the appropriate campus official and all disciplinary action will be administered as outlined in your student handbook.

Alice Lloyd College has accepted a policy that prohibits sexual harassment. A copy of this policy can be found in the Student Services Office. Such a report may be made at any time including during non-business hours by using the telephone or address, or by mail to the office address, listed for the Title IX Coordinator or any other official listed. Anonymous reports are accepted but can give rise to a need to investigate.

The Recipient tries to provide supportive measures to all Complainants, which may be impossible with an anonymous report. A Formal Complaint means a document submitted or ed by the Complainant or ed by the Title IX Coordinator alleging a policy violation by a Respondent and requesting that the College investigate the allegation s.

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A complaint may be filed with the Title IX Coordinator in person, by mail, or by electronic mail, by using the contact information in the section immediately above, or as described in this section. If notice is submitted in a form that does not meet this standard, the Title IX Coordinator will contact the Complainant to ensure that it is filed correctly. Alice Lloyd College students may not visit the resident areas including hallways and stairwells of members of the opposite sex.

Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action. Dormitory visitors are subject to all Alice Lloyd College rules and regulations. ALC students are welcome in the public areas of the dormitories from a. All other visitors have to have a pass ed by a Student Services staff member.

In general, campus buildings are open for your use Monday through Friday from a. Many of the buildings and classrooms are open on Saturdays and Sundays on a limited time frame. Residence halls are open until curfew as detailed in your Student Handbook. Alice Lloyd College prohibits the possession or display of pornography, including internet pornography. A copy of the College policy on internet usage can be found in the Student Services Office.

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Alice Lloyd College has accepted a policy that prohibits sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. Alice Lloyd College has accepted a missing student notification policy. Alice Lloyd College requires that all motor vehicles using the campus be registered with the Pippa Passes Police Dept.

To register your vehicle you must complete a vehicle registration form located in the Pippa Passes Police Dept. Any member of the College community who fails to register a vehicle that is being used on campus may be fined in addition to any other violations.

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Continued disregard of the stated rules and regulations related to parking regulations Woman looking hot sex Lloyd Kentucky vehicle registration guidelines may result in the loss of driving privileges. All Alice Lloyd College students are ased parking by the of cumulative hours they have obtained.

Roide parking is deated for commuter students and staff, except between the hours of p. Monday through Friday. In each parking area there will be several parking spaces marked off in yellow. These spaces are for faculty, staff, and maintenance only. Alice Lloyd College assumes no responsibility or risk for any vehicle, its occupants, or property contained therein or thereon while parked or driven on Alice Lloyd College property. The Pippa Passes Police Dept. All roadways on campus are fire lanes to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to all buildings and residence halls.

Because the Alice Lloyd campus is primarily residential, there is a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic, which necessitates a strict policy toward traffic enforcement. The action taken may include the loss of campus driving privileges, a fine, social probation, a combination of penalties, or suspension from the College. Alice Lloyd College reserves the right to alter or change any or all the above stated regulations as needed.

Students will be given ample notice of such changes. Appeals of parking violations must be made within seven days at the Student Services Office between am and pm, Monday-Friday. Failure to file an appeal within this seven-day period will result in the loss of the right to appeal the violation or associated fine. Temporary Registration will be available to members of the College community who may find it necessary to have an unregistered vehicle on campus for unforeseen or special circumstances i. Visitors with automobiles will be ased a temporary parking place while they are on campus.

Other visitors may receive a temporary parking sticker from the Pippa Passes Police Dept. If you are victimized and need to talk to someone, you can reach the Alice Lloyd College Counselor at Telephone harassment is both a nuisance and a crime and will not be tolerated on the Alice Lloyd College campus.

If you are a victim of telephone harassment, please follow these steps:. All weapons must be surrendered to the Pippa Passes Police Department.

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The College reserves the right to confiscate firearms and fireworks and take appropriate action. Firearm and fire code violations are viewed as major violations. For more information on fire code violations on campus and in the dorms, please pdf. The purpose of any evacuation is to empty a building or area of all occupants as quickly and safely as possible.

As stated in the Student and Faculty Handbook at Alice Lloyd College, the abuse of any life safety equipment in any campus building or facility is a serious violation of College policy. Abuse of any life safety equipment is also a violation of state and federal law. All dorms are equipped with fire extinguishers located in the hallway of each wing and accessible to all rooms. Each dormitory room is equipped with a smoke detector. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that all life safety equipment is not tampered with in any manner.

Students are encouraged to properly use fire extinguishers when warranted for fire safety. If you suspect there is a problem with your extinguisher, contact the Pippa Passes Police Dept. If you have cause to discharge your extinguisher for fire control you must immediately advise your RA and the Pippa Passes Police Dept.

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If a dorm extinguisher is missing, discharged for other than a fire or a non-reported fire, or tampered with in any way as to cause the extinguisher to be inoperable or unavailable for emergency use, the violator will be referred to the Dean of Students for appropriate action. False fire alarms and willful damaging of any life safety equipment is not only an inconvenience to fellow students but constitutes a real danger. Fire extinguishers, pull stations, alarm bells, smoke and heat detectors, and alarm panels are in place for your safety. Use of these systems for anything other than fire emergencies, abuse of these systems, or the intentional causing of a false fire alarm will result in a fine and possible dismissal from College housing.

Tampering includes moving, modifying, obstructing, or in any way altering life safety equipment.

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Open fire is not permitted in any residence hall or campus building. The intentional setting of any fire which is not authorized or deed for a recognized and accepted purpose and practiced with proper safety precautions will, in effect, result in the filing of conduct charges. The use of extension cords and multiple outlet plug adapters Octopus Cords is strictly prohibited. Power strips with overload circuit protectors may be used. No hot plates or electrical cooking devices are permitted, with the exception of a microwave.

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All electrical appliances includes refrigerators must be approved by the Student Services Office. Any items that may be confiscated, as indicated above, will be held for safekeeping until the owner claims it for removal from campus.

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Campus Safety