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Over the period of several weeks, I built a one-person-raft. Dozens of serious male voices break with the fragile, sisyphos-like endeavor to escape the world on a cardboard raft.

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I shall plant seeds. Post-anthropocene seeds that only come to life in about 30, years. Only then will they break open and bloom. Like time capsules they contain memories of the world as it is now. About humankind, about the feeling of being human. So that the seeds survive thousands of years unscathed, they are given nutrients along the way. A small placenta is embedded in each seed. An energy source that nourishes.

And an obulus for possible payments on the way to the future. The planting performance was repeated during the diploma exhibition in the garden of the academy. Many seeds will still have to be planted in this world. The installation follows the last remaining human on earth. The video shows her and her dog searching for a way to handle the last moments they have left.

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The loneliness each human might have encountered in his or her life finds its peak. The beautifully conserved objects, that the two might have used to navigate and survive, were displayed together with the video in a post-anthropogenic museum of the year Totzauer shared her lab with Dr. A black monolith stands threatening in the room.

An artifact from another dimension? Another time? What is inside? Powerful he rests — now and then he communicates through vibrations in a language unknown to us. In the foot of the sculpture — deep in the underground — the sensor of the monolith registers every movement. Monotone noise and diffused light attract the visitor and lures him in.

Exposed to the Ganzfeld effect he loses his sensory perceptions — and thus his body — only to connect with a higher reality. With Sebastian Quast. Fotos: Mara Pollak. By practising different rituals I keep the door to the other world open. The melon and orange seeds are used by controvercial communities around the globe to threaten their enemies.

I bring these Woman looking nsa Totz of death far away from the mainland to the island of Helgoland and bury them alive. Before I leave they get nurtured with my own tears. The performance Cassiopeia is completely dictated by two tortoises, Schildi and Knorpl.

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By walking in specific patterns, they told the artist which objects to use and which gestures to act out. The audience followed the performance through a window in the top part of the laboratory. My cleansing ritual is nurtured by the feminin aura of this place. Pestpuppe plague doll is the second part of my research on forgotten rituals. This time I hyperbolize the rituals. I adapt them in my own way. The performance plays in the year when human kind faces Woman looking nsa Totz due to environmental change.

Fear has taken over the rest of people that survived and hid in uninteresting places like libraries. Conway and is performanced together with the actress Julia Windischbauer. Photo credits Mara Pollak. July until September at Kunstarkaden Munich. If we are all part of a simulation, what does time, life and death mean to us?

I installed a living room in the exhibition space at Kunstarkaden Munich and used it as a film set. The finished film was then shown on the living room TV at the exhibition. Visitors could watch the actors go through time and space, fall out of it and play with natural forces.

It ends with a live broadcast of the visitors sitting on the couch. In Fischseele fish soul I experiment with old traditions and rituals from the Alps region. Everything has a meaning. The experiments move between superstition and religion, nowadays believe and entertainment. Voices wisper from the underworld of the Ludwigs church in Munich. They are quietly describing different war photographies such as pictures from Abu Graib, the spanish civil war or the Vietnam war. As soon as the visitor walks over the grid that covers the subterranean heating system, he hears the whispers and is forced to get closer to understand.

The church is covered with human bodies lying on the floor. The work is dedicated to Susan Sontag and her reflection on displaying human misery in photography. Photo Credits: Mara Pollak. The space invites people to communicate with other humans instead of God. This room belongs to Mrs. The need of nest-building, the need of safety and the inability of letting go. Visit her at the Notel Prinzregent, in room Ismaninger Str. The glass coffin allows the artist a look into the sky. Seeing the snow slowly and gently burying her.

I erased the streets off the maps, I left the important things. I marked holes and obstacles in the streets, zebra crossings and their of stripes, ash trays, rubbish bins, benches, traffic lights and the timings of their red light periods, beautiful Woman looking nsa Totz, security men, bus stations with and without roof important for rainy daysdead trees and many more. I casted lead sculptures of corners of the city.

A screw, the edge of a pavement, a thingy on a post and many more. They are important to me and probably completely irrelevant to everybody else. The Portal brings openess into a closed space. It combines agoraphobia with claustrophobia.

It is a live and interactive art piece. Connecting the outside world of a desert with the inside world of a tunnel in the exhibition space by using a live video conference. The first active live video conference between desert and tunnel took place on the 5th of June The visitor could watch the desert live in the tunnel and the desert could watch the inside of the tunnel live on a tube tv. What is art? Who decides over the art market and the horrendous prices? We opened a website, arranged our office and presentation room, learned about financing and law and finally opened up our store.

On the 6th of November the big performance started. On the 29th of November we finished our performance with a great finissage show, the exhibition and handover of all orders. We left lots of happy and a few dissatisfied art costumers who were all part of our performance. We brought the concept of art orders of decades to the present society — Did it work? Or did it fail? A bed in a big wall of beds.

My private space. My hideout. A basic human need: Sleep. How does it affect my body and mind when I sleep in public. When I change my sleeping rhythm days before so I can sleep during day and be wide awake during the night.

Woman looking nsa Totz

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