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Below are two ways to quickly identify the sex of a trout. One of best ways to distinguish the sex of a trout is to examine the mouth. Female trout all have a short rounded nose or upper jaw, while male trout have a more elongated snout. Although the mouth of a female trout will grow larger as it ages and increases in size, the mouth will never grow a kype hooked lower jaw.

Upon becoming sexually mature, male trout will begin to grow a pronounced kype.

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At first, it will just be a tell-talebut as a male trout ages, its kype will become more pronounced. Sexually mature male and female trout for both rainbows and browns have different looking anal fins. I scoured the internet and my personal book collection for a picture that would show this, but I came up empty handed.

If anyone can confirm this theory, please take the time to comment on the post.

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Being able to determine the sex of a trout will not make you a better fly fisherman but I find it to be really cool knowing how to tell the difference. Have a grand day everyone.

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Very interesting post. I knew about the jaw features but not the anal fin traits. I just hope they oblige me and allow themselves to get caught:.

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Great tip! I Never knew about the anal fin. Having a second way to check helps. Got into a mess of wild brookies and saw that some had there spawning colors on and others did not. Thought I only caught a few males but after looking at their anal fins I guess I hooked a bunch of males that just spawned a little early. Please keep doin it.

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I suggest you contact the icthyology department at Cornell or another large university. They should have the answer. Important to know the difference for conservation. Mature female wus carrying the eggs for maybe a new trout, leave her go. Male trout — eat him. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Look at the mouth One of best ways to distinguish the sex of a trout is to examine the mouth.

Look at the anal fin Left Male, Right Female. Brian, The anal fin trick only works on mature trout. Thanku i was really desperate in how to know the diference between female and rainbow trout. I turn 60 this year and never too old to learn. Thank you for the information! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

Women looking sex Trout Louisiana

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